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Highly Sensitive Persons (HSP)

Welcome to my first blog post as an HSP therapist! I have the HSP trait myself and I work with many HSPs in my therapy practice. Living as one of the 20-25% of the general population who shares the HSP trait defines us as a minority. Depending on how we were raised, North American culture can make us feel as if we don't fit. Generally, North American individualistic culture prizes and rewards competitiveness and even agressiveness. Hustle culture can feel so abrasive, especially for those of us living in big cities. A natural response may be to shut down, unplug or just close the door to recover from sensory overload.

Many of us adapt to the overstimulation and and learn to function well, remaining true to ourselves. Still, it is nice to feel validated and understood by someone who gets it. Your HSP trait is probably not the reason for deciding to explore therapy. You may be wanting to recover from the effects of childhood trauma, single incident PTSD, anxiety, relationship issues, grief or depression. Working with an HSP therapist will help you work on your goals, validate your experience, help to manage your internal boundaries and appreciate your unique gifts as an HSP.

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